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What motivates you to get out of bed?

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I haven’t posted anything here for ages and WordPress keep telling me to “post regularly”, well actually I did post something but I took it down as it was too negative. Anyway my blockage to posting is not feeling like I have anything to post about. My life is pretty uneventful at present, I’m still unemployed, still back in Sydney.

Ironically somebody emailed me a job in Christchurch last week that a friend of their’s had posted – a Theatre company looking for an administrator!  Same industry and even more so the same boutique corner of that industry that I’ve worked in for the past eight years. They person who emailed it to me also made comment that they may have a property for me to rent too.   I did think about it seriously for several days but my stomach tightened and I felt isolated, lonely and had that manic screaming unsettled voice in my head again at the thought of going back there so soon.   I took all of those as not good signs.

But I am so bored with not working!   Yes I know I’m going to suck when it comes to retirement.   The applications for the job in Christchurch don’t close until tomorrow?!   Seriously though job hunting is hard work, it’s hard to keep your spirits up and a smile on your face against so much rejection.   Most jobs I apply for don’t even offer the most basic of courtesies of a simple ‘Thanks but no thanks’ response leaving you to have to guess that after ‘x’ amount of time since applying and not having heard anything that they’re not interested in your application.   Come on people how hard is it to write one three or four line email and copy and paste it and send it to all unsuccessful applicants?   Or simpler still, you know I for one really am so over the moon at getting to know for sure what’s going on that I received a ‘thanks but no thanks’ email recently that said straight up “please excuse the bulk email we’ve had a lot of applications” I thought ‘you can bulk email all you like, you’ve actually had the courtesy to let people know!’.

After the no communication from say 90% of applications there is the job interview minefield!  I have once again realised that I don’t do well at stroking people’s egos (probably why I did so badly at my last job considering I was working with so many actors/performers), I’m not a gushing “oh my god you’re soooooo good and I soooo want to work for you and Oh My God you do what? You’re soooooo good, let me work for you” kind of person.  Add to that when you get thrown questions like “What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning” in a job interview.  I kid you not that was one recently and the first things that came to my mind was ‘The alarm clock, my bladder needing to be emptied, thirst, the cat threatening to sit on my head if I don’t get up and feed her.’.  Yeah those would be the top ones.  Then my brain came back to the interview room and thought oh you don’t REALLY want to know what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning at all you want some particular answer that will tell you that I’m THE person for the job. Then the brain came back with a big – “I got nothin for ya on this one, you’re on your own” – gee thanks brain!  If anyone has the correct answer to that question in a job interview please do leave me a comment with it as I’m curious.

Come on people let’s all get real!  It’s a JOB!  It’s not my whole flippin life, it’s something I do to earn enough money to do all the other things I want to do like travel and yes I do tend to choose a job that sits well with my moral principles and I can bear to go to on a daily basis but hell it is not what is going to motivate me to get out of bed every morning.  The pay cheque will, the cat definitely will, the alternative of mind-numbing boredom if I don’t have a job will, but the job itself, no, not when it’s co-ordinating meetings and training sessions for local government employees.

Maybe if it was something like the volunteer position in Vanuatu helping to build up a cultural centre for the locals, yes that would motivate me to get out of bed in the mornings purely for the work, sadly none of the lottery tickets I bought recently netted me anymore that about $20AU and that won’t pay for my daydream of running off to volunteer to work at a cultural centre in Vanuatu or one of the others in outback Northern Territory.

So to the woman interviewing me for the job recently who asked me “What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning” (coincidentally she was from Christchurch!), the answer I wanted to give you was along the lines of “A lot of things but none of them are relevant to this job, nor are they things that you want to hear, so why don’t you just tell me what it is that you actually want to know and I’ll answer that question for you. Or did you just Google search interview questions and threw this one in to fill in time?” .   The answer I did give however probably wasn’t much better as I told her “I’m used to being the one in your position in interviews and I know that you’ve come up with these questions to illicit certain answers and information and I’m wracking my brains to figure out what you want to know by asking that one?”.   All she gave me was raised eyebrows.   No I didn’t get the job.   Yes I’m willing to admit that I think I suck at job interviews.  Hopefully I am a quick learner and can learn how to shoot the breeze better very soon because I am so over being unemployed. I want a reason to look forward to time off again!

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