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Relinquishing Hope

hope goes down the drain

Yes it sounds a little morbid I know, the idea of letting go of Hope.

Once again my inspiration for today’s post comes from another blog Tiny Buddha and a post on that site about When it’s time to stop hoping.

Needless to say the post resonated strongly for me and again confronted and terrified me at the same time.  To give up Hope goes against everything that we’re told most of our lives.  “Hold onto hope” is a Western catch-cry, but to what end.  Thinking on it Hope when clung to relentlessly can keep you stagnated in the past or wistfully dreaming of the future waiting for something to be other than what it is instead of accepting what is and embracing that and making the most of it in the here and now.  Easy right!

No not easy.  How do you let go of hoping that something will change, that you’ll get your desired outcome instead of the unscripted one that you have, of accepting your failures instead of hoping that someone else was wrong and they’ll figure it out and you’ll come out on top.  Truth really does hurt especially when confronted to accept it in all of its hairy, scary naked glory and especially when it’s not what you wanted to hear, see, or have happen, but when the alternative is to stay stuck in a place of ‘hoping’ things to be different instead of acting to make things different or to indeed accept what is and make the most of that, what choice do you have?

So my lesson today is learning when to let go of Hope and to embrace Belief.  Belief that everything will work out in the end, Belief that things are as they are for a reason, Belief that what is and what is to come is and will be far greater than anything that has passed.  It’s not an easy lesson and to tell the truth it doesn’t sit that easily either, I think this will be an ongoing lesson and one that I’m sure will take some work to get the hang of but it is one that feels right none-the-less.

Not Hopeless by any means but trying to recognise when to Relinquish Hope in what might have been but is not and never will be and Embrace Belief in what is and where it can take me and what I can learn, see and experience along the way, not to mention who I might meet.   Lets call it a work in progress.


One comment on “Relinquishing Hope

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