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Relinquishing Hope

Yes it sounds a little morbid I know, the idea of letting go of Hope. Once again my inspiration for today’s post comes from another blog Tiny Buddha and a post on that site about When it’s time to stop hoping. Needless to say the post resonated strongly for me and again confronted and terrified […]

Living with Kathleen

I haven’t really been up to a lot the past few days that is worth writing / reading about.  I am in the process of repainting the inside of the house I live in so that I can bear to continue living in it for a while.  I spent yesterday emptying furniture from one end […]

Brave or impetuous?

I’ve been hearing the words “You’re a very brave woman.” a lot lately and I have to confess to feeling anything but.  It also left me questioning what I believe to be the meaning of the word as I was thinking well maybe I have it wrong if so many people seem to think that […]

Goodbye (for now) Christchurch

My last night in Christchurch and you know I am going to miss it.  Today I thought about it some more and decided that I may still end up living here one day, just not now and not under these circumstances.  Despite all of the recent devastation by earthquakes and subsequent destruction it is still […]

Longing and Acceptance

I love technology!  Love it I tell you!  It still amazes me how far it’s come and how far it can go.  I love learning about new tech inventions and gadgets and I love those gorgeous nerdy tech head kids that work in electronics shops.  If you can find one who is passionate about their […]

He’s just not that into me. :-(

I read a few chapters of the book ‘Hes’ Just Not That Into You’ in a book store the other day, you know when you read a few pages skip a few dozen read a few more to see what a book is like.  I have to say book stores here just aren’t as into […]